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ISO 21001 Foundation Certification


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ISO 21001 Foundation Certification

Why should you attend?

Participating in the ISO 21001 Foundation training empowers you to grasp the foundational elements necessary for implementing and managing an Educational Organizations Management System (EOMS) compliant with ISO 21001. This training equips you to comprehend the various modules of an EOMS, including EOMS policy, procedures, performance evaluation, management commitment, internal audit, management review, and continuous improvement.

Upon successful course completion, you’ll be eligible to take the exam and earn the prestigious “PECB Certificate Holder in ISO 21001 Foundation,” demonstrating your proficiency in the fundamental methodologies, requirements, framework, and management approach inherent in EOMS.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for:

  • Educational Management and Administration Professionals: Individuals actively involved in Educational Management and Administration.
  • Educational Enthusiasts: Those seeking to gain in-depth knowledge of the core processes that underpin Educational Organizations Management Systems (EOMS).
  • Education Careers: Individuals interested in pursuing a career within the field of Education.

Learning Objectives

Upon completing this training, you will gain the competence to:

  • EOMS Fundamentals: Understand the fundamental elements and operations of an Educational Organizations Management System, along with its principal processes.
  • ISO Harmony: Recognize the correlation between ISO 21001 and ISO 9001, as well as other relevant standards and regulatory frameworks.
  • EOMS Management: Comprehend the approaches, methods, and techniques necessary for effectively implementing and managing an EOMS.

Enroll in the ISO 21001 Foundation Certification to elevate your understanding of Educational Organizations Management Systems (EOMS). This course will not only enable you to grasp the various EOMS modules but also enhance your understanding of the ISO 21001 management approach and its correlation with ISO 9001. Upon successful completion, you’ll earn the “PECB Certificate Holder in ISO 21001 Foundation” credential, which highlights your mastery of EOMS fundamentals and management principles.


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