The ISO stands for International Organization for Standardization is a global organization that works to provide standardization across an array of products and companies. Its main goal is to facilitate trade, but its focus is on process improvement, safety, and quality in several areas.

While the general information of ISO’s guidelines are freely available, the full guidelines must be purchased. Many organizations even pay consulting firms to help them implement the guidelines.

ISO isn’t a governing body, nor does it have the power to enforce laws or regulations. But businesses across the world follow its guidelines to provide streamlined, efficient, and safe processes. Think again of the seat belt: how would you feel if the standard was different for every vehicle? It’s important that standards be followed.

When you hear about ISO guidelines, there is often a number that goes with it. For example, ISO 9001, ISO 27000, ISO 31000, etc. These are certifications: A company can be ISO 9001 certified for instance, which means it follows the steps and structures outlined by the guideline. Let’s take a look at a few of the guidelines and break down why an organization would use them for its business model.

We are at Bright Collar provide pocket-friendly training for different ISO standards like 27001, 20000, 31000, 9001, 14001, 27005, 38500, and many more. We have different training delivery platforms including virtual-live-online, e-learning, and self-study.

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Course Study Formats

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This format is feasible for participants who have a considerable knowledge on the subject and do not require assisted lecturing. Regardless of the training course format, all participants will have access to the training course material digitally via KATE.

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This method is technologically enabled and is delivered by PECB Certified Trainers in pre-recorded video format. You can take these training courses from any device and location that makes learning a comfortable experience owing to the flexibility and freedom it offers. 

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These training courses offer an engaging and interactive learning experience led by PECB Certified Trainers via sophisticated tools that allow remote teaching. This training delivery format makes learning more accessible to our candidates in new ways.