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ISO 26000 Lead Manager Certification


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Why Should You Attend?

PECB ISO 26000 Lead Manager course places a strong emphasis on ethical leadership and sustainable business practices. This training course enables you with the necessary knowledge skills to guide organizations in planning, establishing, maintaining, reviewing, and continually improving their strategic social responsibility initiatives, in accordance with ISO 26000 guidelines and other industry best practices.

During the training course, you will explore the fundamental concepts and principles of social responsibility, gaining a deep understanding of how to effectively implement and integrate these principles into organizational frameworks. Practical examples and scenario-based exercises are incorporated, ensuring that you will grasp theoretical concepts and will be well-prepared to apply them in real-world situations.

After successfully completing the training, you can undertake the certification exam to earn the “PECB Certified ISO 26000 Lead Manager” credential. This certification proves that you possess both the theoretical and practical knowledge and skills required to guide and lead organizations in developing and improving social responsibility strategies aligned with ISO 26000 guidelines.

Who Should Attend?

This training course is intended for:

  • Managers or consultants involved in or concerned with social responsibility efforts
  • Project managers, consultants, and expert advisors seeking to learn more about social responsibility and sustainable development
  • Individuals responsible for ensuring that the organization adheres to relevant laws and regulations related to social responsibility
  • Individuals responsible for integrating and promoting social responsibility behavior within an organization

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training course, you will be able to:

  • Explain the fundamental concepts of and principles for social responsibility based on ISO 26000
  • Comprehend and identify the social responsibility core subjects and issues within an organization
  • Apply practices on integrating social responsibility in an organization
  • Review, assess, and continually improve social responsibility within an organization

Educational Approach

This training course contains:

  • Theoretical and practical examples and best practices related to social responsibility
  • Quizzes with stand-alone questions and scenario-based quizzes to help you prepare for the certification exam
  • Interaction between the trainers and participants by means of questions and discussions


The main requirement for participating in this training course is having a fundamental understanding of social responsibility concepts, issues, and concerns.


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