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ISO 28000 Lead Implementer Certification


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ISO 28000 Lead Implementer Certification

Why should you attend?

In today’s dynamic and evolving business landscape, organizations confront significant security challenges to safeguard their assets, operations, and reputation. The ever-changing security risks can present serious threats, making it imperative for organizations to establish effective security management systems.

The PECB ISO 28000 Lead Implementer training course is your key to developing the essential competencies required to establish, implement, maintain, and continuously enhance a security management system (SeMS). This comprehensive course equips you with a profound understanding of ISO 28000 requirements, along with best practices and approaches in the field of security management.

Upon successful completion of the training, you will possess the skills needed to assist organizations in setting up the appropriate security processes and controls that proactively ensure a secure environment, thereby adding value and safeguarding organizations against security risks.

Following the course, you will have the opportunity to take the exam. Achieving a passing score on the exam allows you to apply for the prestigious “PECB Certified ISO 28000 Lead Implementer” credential, which is internationally recognized. This certificate signifies your professional capacity to implement security management systems aligned with ISO 28000 requirements.

Who should attend?

The ISO 28000 Lead Implementer training course is designed for:

  1. Security Enthusiasts: Individuals entrusted with maintaining and enhancing the security environment in which organizations operate.
  2. ISO 28000 Knowledge Seekers: Professionals seeking in-depth knowledge of the ISO 28000 requirements.
  3. Compliance Guardians: Individuals responsible for ensuring adherence to ISO 28000 requirements.
  4. Security Implementation Experts: Advisors aspiring to master the implementation of a Security Management System.
  5. SeMS Team Members: Those involved in an SeMS implementation team.
  6. Future Security Leaders: Individuals with a career interest in security management.
  7. Security Consultants: Professionals in the field of security management consulting.
  8. Management Representatives: Those looking to master the SeMS implementation process.

Learning objectives

Upon completing this training course, participants will be capable of:

  • Explaining Security Management Fundamentals: Understanding the fundamental concepts and principles of security management.
  • Interpreting ISO 28000 Requirements: Viewing the ISO 28000 requirements from the perspective of an implementer.
  • Initiating SeMS Implementation: Commencing and planning the implementation of an SeMS based on ISO 28000 by leveraging PECB’s IMS2 Methodology and other industry best practices.
  • Supporting Continuous Improvement: Assisting organizations in operating, maintaining, and continually improving their SeMS based on ISO 28000.
  • Preparing for Certification Audits: Equipping organizations to undergo third-party certification audits successfully.

Educational approach

This participant-centered training course:

  • Explores Security Management Theories: Elaborates on the theories, approaches, and best practices used in implementing, maintaining, and continually improving a security management system.
  • Promotes Interaction: Facilitates and encourages interaction between trainers and participants through questions and discussions.
  • Offers Practical Examples: Provides a theoretical foundation supported by practical examples.
  • Prepares for Certification: Includes quizzes with stand-alone questions (after each section) and scenario-based quizzes (at the end of each day) designed to prepare participants for the certification exam.


To gain the utmost benefit from this training course, participants should have a basic knowledge of ISO 28000 requirements. Additionally, a general understanding of security management principles and concepts can facilitate the learning process.


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