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ISO 37301 Lead Auditor Certification


ISO 37301 Lead Auditor Certification

Elevate your auditing skills with the PECB Certified ISO 37301 Lead Auditor Certification, designed to empower you with the competence to perform Compliance Management System (CMS) audits effectively. This comprehensive training course encompasses widely recognized audit principles, procedures, and techniques.

Why Attend ISO 37301 Lead Auditor Certification?

Discover the crucial role of competent auditors in evaluating adherence to ISO 37301 requirements. This training course reflects the significance of CMS audits and equips you with the knowledge and skills to plan and execute audits based on ISO 19011 guidelines and the certification process outlined in ISO/IEC 17021-1. Successful completion can potentially qualify you to conduct audits on behalf of conformity assessment bodies.

Who Should Attend?

Ideal for:

  • Auditors aspiring to perform and lead CMS audits
  • Managers or consultants mastering the CMS audit process
  • Individuals responsible for ensuring conformity to ISO 37301 in an organization
  • Technical experts preparing for a CMS audit
  • Expert advisors and compliance officers

Learning Objectives: After completing this training, you will be able to:

  • Understand CMS concepts and processes based on ISO 37301
  • Recognize the auditor’s role in planning, leading, and following up on a CMS audit per ISO 19011
  • Interpret ISO 37301 requirements in the context of a CMS audit
  • Plan an audit, lead a team, draft nonconformity reports, and follow up on an audit
  • Act with due professional care during an audit

Educational Approach

This participant-centered training includes:

  • Theories, approaches, and best practices in ISO management system audits
  • Lecture sessions with real case study examples
  • Practical exercises, role-playing, and discussions
  • Interaction between participants through questions and suggestions
  • Quizzes to prepare for the certification exam


Ensure a smooth learning experience by having a fundamental understanding of ISO 37301 requirements (or ISO 19600 guidelines) for a CMS and a comprehensive knowledge of audit principles.


Live Online, Self – Study