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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification


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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Why should you attend?

This training program offers you the opportunity to develop and certify your technical knowledge and skills as a Six Sigma Green Belt. Our course stands out for its experiential learning, personalized labs, skill-based training, practical statistics, 1:1 attention, and immediate usability of decision trees and job aides. Certification is earned through a project simulation, in-class assignments, examinations, and active participation.

Who should attend?

This certification course is ideal for:

  • Dedicated Process Managers: Managers or consultants involved with and committed to process improvements.
  • Process Enhancement Enthusiasts: Individuals seeking to enhance business, production, or service processes.
  • Six Sigma Project Leaders: Six Sigma project team leaders and team members.
  • Improvement Specialists: Expert advisors seeking to master the implementation of Six Sigma projects.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this comprehensive training, you will have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Master Process Improvement: Understand the fundamental principles of process improvement.
  • Utilize DMAIC Methodology: Manage projects effectively using the well-known DMAIC methodology.
  • Apply GRES Methodology: Leverage the GRES methodology for problem-solving.
  • Harness Statistical Analysis: Apply basic statistical analyses when appropriate to support your improvement efforts.
  • Verify Process Improvements: Learn how to verify process improvements using statistical and common sense methods.
  • Lead Green Belt Projects: Facilitate Green Belt process improvement projects.
  • Enhance Process Capabilities: Learn how to shift processes, reduce variation, stabilize processes, and improve their capabilities.

Educational Approach

Our program is designed for experiential learning. You can expect:

  • Personalized Labs: Practical, hands-on experience in a personalized setting.
  • Skill-Based Training: Training that focuses on practical skills.
  • Practical Statistics: Real-world application of statistical analysis techniques.
  • Project Simulation: A project simulation to demonstrate your skills.
  • In-Class Assignments: Engage in in-class assignments to apply your knowledge.
  • Examinations: Evaluate your understanding through examinations.
  • Active Participation: Interact and participate actively to enhance your skills.

Earning your Six Sigma Green Belt Certification will not only boost your expertise but also demonstrate your commitment to process improvement. Start your journey toward reducing process variation, stabilizing processes, and improving their capabilities today.


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