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ISO 22000 Introduction Certification


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ISO 22000 Introduction Certification

Are you considering ISO 22000 Introduction Certification? Explore why this program is essential and what it offers.

Why should you attend?

ISO 22000 Introduction is a concise one-day training course that delves into the essential concepts of food safety and provides an overview of the ISO 22000 requirements for a Food Safety Management System (FSMS). Participants will gain familiarity with the requirements specified in clauses 4 to 10 of ISO 22000, along with detailed explanations of the intent behind each clause. Furthermore, the training will emphasize the connections between ISO 22000 and other related standards.

Who should attend?

The ISO 22000 Introduction training course is designed for:

  • Managers and consultants who want an introduction to the ISO 22000 requirements for an FSMS.
  • Personnel responsible for ensuring compliance with ISO 22000 requirements within an organization.
  • Individuals responsible for safeguarding the safety of food products and services.
  • Members of FSMS implementation project teams.
  • Individuals who aspire to build a career in food safety.

Learning objectives

By the end of this one-day training course, participants will be equipped to:

  • Grasp the fundamental concepts and definitions related to food safety.
  • Comprehend the structure and elements of a Food Safety Management System (FSMS) based on the requirements of ISO 22000.

Educational approach

Our training course is participant-centered and includes:

  • Essay-type exercises and multiple-choice quizzes.
  • Interactive discussions between participants involving questions and suggestions.


There are no prerequisites to enroll in this training course.

Launch your food safety journey with ISO 22000 Introduction Certification. Join us to understand the basics of food safety, ISO 22000 requirements, and pave your way towards a career in food safety.


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