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ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Certification


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ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Certification

Are you interested in achieving ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Certification? Discover why this program is essential and what it can offer your career.

Why should you attend?

As food safety takes center stage in the food industry, organizations increasingly seek certification against ISO 22000. Such certification not only reflects a commitment to consumer wellbeing but also ensures sustainability in the market. A PECB auditor credential is an independent recognition of your competencies, confirming your ability to conduct food safety management system (FSMS) audits for a certification body.

This training program is designed to emphasize the significance of effective audits. It enhances your knowledge and skills to meticulously plan and execute an FSMS audit, in compliance with the audit management system guidelines in ISO 19011 and the certification process outlined in ISO/IEC 17021-1.

Through practical exercises, interactive sessions, and discussions, you will acquire in-depth knowledge of FSMS and audit techniques. You will also become proficient in conducting an FSMS audit by applying recognized audit principles, procedures, and techniques, and managing an audit team.

Upon completing the training course, you can take the examination. Successful candidates can apply for the prestigious “PECB Certified ISO 22000 Lead Auditor” credential. This internationally recognized certificate validates your professional capabilities and auditing competencies, making you eligible to audit organizations based on ISO 22000 requirements and best auditing practices.

Who should attend?

This ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Certification training is ideal for:

  • Auditors interested in conducting and leading food safety management system audits.
  • Managers and consultants looking to master the food safety management system audit process.
  • Individuals responsible for ensuring conformity with FSMS requirements in an organization.
  • Technical experts seeking to prepare for a food safety management system audit.
  • Expert advisors in food safety management.

Learning objectives

By participating in this training course, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of:

  • The operations of a food safety management system based on ISO 22000.
  • The relationship between ISO 22000 and other standards and regulatory frameworks.
  • The requirements of ISO 22000 in the context of an FSMS audit.
  • The role of an auditor in planning, leading, and following up on a management system audit in accordance with ISO 19011.

Educational approach

Our ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Certification training course prioritizes a participant-centered approach and includes:

  • In-depth theories, best practices for FSMS audits, ISO 22000 requirements, and international auditing standards.
  • Lecture sessions enriched with practical exercises based on a real-world case study, featuring role-playing and discussions.
  • Interactive interactions between participants via questions and suggestions.
  • Exercises that simulate the certification exam for a preview of what to expect.


To enroll in this training course, you should meet the following requirements:

  • A fundamental understanding of food safety concepts.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of FSMS audit principles.

With ISO 22000 Lead Auditor Certification, you can elevate your career and contribute to ensuring food safety compliance, consumer wellbeing, and the integrity of the food industry. Join us on this educational journey and become a certified expert in auditing food safety management systems.


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